Trisha J Robinson – West Bloomfield, Wisconsin

Recently divorced, Trisha tries to play herself off as a good person, but is one of the biggest fakes out there. Ladies watch out for your man. This woman likes to frequent local taverns and get up married man single man basically any man she can get her hands on. She also likes to frequent Captain’s cove resort in Gresham and Gala campground in Fremont all while she was married. Trisha would take trips Laughlin Arizona supposedly with her mother where she would meet up with random strangers. She would also allow herself to be filmed fellating them. Her ex-husband Dale was either clueless or was just happy to have a break from her exhausting presence.

Trisha recently got out of a 3-year relationship while she was playing the guy she was with. Her ex-husband the whole time and doing G*d knows what else to fill her time among other things.

This woman is a sociopathic narcissist of highest level her acting and lying should get her awards. If you think she cares about you then you are wrong. She’s a snake and she will turn on you in a heartbeat at her convenience beware

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