Kena S. Zimmerman – Wisconsin

Attention: This is not really Kena S. Zimmerman. This is actually someone that has had enough of her bad behavior making a fake funny dating profile that is accurate! Enjoy! Hi there! My name is Kena Zimmerman. I am a registered nurse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In my free time, I like to meddle in other people’s relationships, drink heavily and drive, sleep with married men, lie, steal, and sleep around! For all of you faithful; hard-working; and, let’s not forget, loving and devoted mothers out there, beware of me. I am so miserable and ignorant that I will use even the smallest conflict between you and your husband to drive a wedge and belittle you EVERY chance that I get! Maybe this is because I have no self-esteem, morals, integrity, religious-upbringing, compassion, clue about life in general, or self-respect. I’m not for sure, so please, take your pick. I think that I am pretty “fly” when I brag to my “friends” that I am engaged……..wait for it………..TO A MARRIED MAN!!!!! Apparently, I fail that realize that the joke is on me, and I am only making myself look bad. Is it true that those women out there that actually have good character avoid women like me like the plague? I fail to see why even though I don’t have a good track record on dating or life in general. I’m even desperate enough to post my intimate moments online for the world to see, but, for some reason, they don’t get me good attention either. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit on the hefty side (even though I’ve had gastric-bypass)! OOOOOPS! I guess that I like to eat too much. After all, that is one of the ways that I try to seduce my men. I promise them lives of luxury that they would not be able to otherwise afford. I choose to live a meaningless, destructive, self-serving life that fulfills my every sinful whim, so when some poor guy is down in the dumps, I offer excitement, drunken merry-making, juvenile fun that wives with children cannot otherwise offer every moment of every day. After all, I don’t want children of my own. Why would I? I don’t like how I look, I’m extremely selfish, and I have no humanity within me. In a nutshell, my only thing that I have to offer is my money! Real relationships are built off of deceit, adultery, bad self-esteem, and bad choices in general. Am I right? Well, if you don’t agree with me, I’ll dismiss you anyway, because I think that I know it all. I’m living the dream! I’m in my mid-thirties, no one wants to be with me, people use me, I hurt people, and I’m a miserable, potentially dangerous drunk! It sounds like a fairy-tale to me! Please, don’t bother to try and talk sense to me, because I know more that all of you. I make more money than you do, so that automatically means I’m smarter! Ha!

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