Erick Walquist-serial cheater

This is a married man and he cheats continuously on his wife. No shame considering he has two young children. Will suave talk into getting what he wants. Needs a big wake up call, hope this man hasn’t duped any more women into sleeping with him. Be aware and avoid him.
On many dating sites, be on the lookout. No low this man won’t go

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  1. This is very common with certain religious groups. I heard the Mormons and Catholics both look disfavorably on contraception and it’s quite common for devotees in these and other denominations to come from and have larger sized families. Although they already have children, they still hear the call of the wild and want more, they are hesitant to accept the practice of using contraception and will oftentimes rely on the rhythm method. Do you know if he’s Mormon or Catholic?

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