Christina VanderMause – Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

She almost got with my friend’s husband but her kid came home earlier than expected. He actually told his wife this, thinking that would get him out of the doghouse! He had to sleep on the couch for a week. This is not the first time this has happened, she has only a vague idea of who the baby’s daddy’s are.

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  1. Beware Trailer Trash Tina. This girl is a sociopath. She will lie about anything and fake illness, etc to get any kind of sympathy that she can. Do NOT believe anything out of this girl’s mouth. She has broken up multiple families, and I’m sure she is not done yet. If you see this girl around any man you or your friends care about, TELL THEM TO STAY AWAY!!

  2. When the girl that u use to chill with wants your man. If he wants to leave then fine, aint no since in fighting about it. My home will continue to be happy, you two miserable b1tches can f*k life with a broom. Cheaters never win, and the side chick will never be happy when the chase is over.

  3. Is there any way we can legally run this piece of garbage out of town? Maybe if everyone gets wise to her ways, the shell has to move on to better hunting grounds. She can put on an act and a show that Broadway would be proud of. Underneath it all, she is one selfish, self-centered using manipulative tramp. And that is putting it lightly

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