Reina Phon — Wichita, Kansas

Reina Phon is a real musty a*s hoe, Don’t leave her in or even have her in your home she will rob you blind. Don’t stand to close to this b***h you will get knocked out by the smell of her stanking ranking breath it will knock you out. She has a little daughter and I think she has her daughter with a family member because the little girl has problems and she is a little slow poor baby what a mommy she is nothing to brag about. No real man wants a woman that can’t even take pride in herself or can’t even take pride in her little precious daughter how sad. Since no guy wants her she decided to be a guy she dresses like a guy and acts like a guy now the sad thing is no girl wants this crazy b***h either WOW!! She can’t even hold down a job and she couldn’t even pass school now all she can do is a store job at a register at a store she should be proud of herself. Before you get to close to her to talk you better give her some gum.

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