Johanna Kellner – Wichita

Trying to sum this atomic floozy up in a short story is going to be difficult. One could write a novel on how absolutely disgusting she is. well known as ” hojanna” she spreads her nasty legs to everything that will give her attention. Thanks to her the greater population of Wichita has drds. Her husband divorced her after she wh*red around and gave him the disease that keeps giving. When she walks by you , you can smell her nasty root crotch. It is well known to hold your breath if you see her about to walk near you. If you don’t give her the attention she wants she will go” single white female” crazy. She literally made herself look exactly like s guy’s wife, tried to eliminate the wife by messaging lies to get about the husband so she could move in on him. She hides behind machines at the gym and takes pictures of the men she wants to victimize. Sleeps with married Rich men so she can blackmail them to earn a living. Disgusting Wichita celebrity w***e

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