Matt Money Penny Cross Lanes

Here’s the deal with this disgusting moron . He’s a liar and cheats on women all the time . Plays the victim. Talks about his military career and friends. He never even respected Nate after he died. He lies to women all the time and is 38 living with mommy and daddy for some reason right ? He claims his family is straight up rich and they aren’t . He’s got girls all of his fb he’s banged and still hanging . He’s trash. His friends better watch too. Some of the air guards men is right . He’s a p***k and thinks it’s funny. You wait when your gf finds out about your ways and lies. True a*s sociopathic person right in her face . Still playing your fb games and living on there pretending like your somebody your not . That’s alright dude. You’re a player and your busted now . You’re fb chicks aren’t friends or family. Most smart people knows you bang them . You won’t stop and deny everything you do. You’re games need exposed out there . Money Penny my effing a*s dude.

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