Alex Boudreau – Marinsburg, West Virginia

Alex Boudreau is a year younger then his abusive a*****e. and while he may not be as physical hands on beating he is verbally abusive and has HERPES. yes you got it HERPES. Those valtrex prescriptions i had to give money to or else….so his last girlfriend Lena wouldnt see any outbreaks. nice huh? Gross too. Also a steroid abuser also born in a nuthouse. Also a thief. His name was the one actually on the loan papers for loan max where he took a loan on my car then him and his bro came back after i got it out of repo took it and sold it to Goldstar. DMV wasnt quick enuf.

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  1. He got the herpes and u get him medicine so Lena dont see the sores and u dont tell her? U must hate Lena and it good that you got car repo d an have to pay money to get it back. U talk to police about car sold but dont tell them Alex trying to kill Lena slowly an make her p***y have warts. U very bad person

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