Willaim Harold Puckett — Vancouver, Washington

William Harold Puckett Born August 11, 1967: Liar, Bipolar Lover! You say ~ I love you, I don’t love you, I hate you, Let’s breakup, met him when I 17 and he was 21 he used me for s*x, saying how much he loved me and we were soul mates, bipolar bill : I don’t love you now, let’s break up and move on to other people, Let’s be friends, no let’s just bug off. I tried despite everything like a complete fool. You punched and abused me. I work and help you through Social worker Master degree at PSU and I pay $44,000 dollars off your student loan so many other things. Then after 15 years of marriage, you walk out on our daughter and me to be with our mutual co-worker Ro***da Re***n another social worker. You are a complete DOG! I hate you and I curse you! You are a complete liar and you know it with that smug look on your disgusting face! Enjoy karma both of you! You deserve each other. Rot in h**l.

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