Michael William Torell — Bremerton, Washington

Michael Torell is a 50 year old man who molested 3 of his six children- 3 of his daughters, when they were between the ages of 4-6 years old. He also molested his sister, according to her, when he was babysitting her when he was a teenager and she was a young girl. He also abused his former wife and served time in the California State prison system for abusing her and served time in the Washington State prison system for sexually abusing his children. Michael has been seen hitting his mentally disabled girlfriend in Bremerton, and is currently living with a 77 year old woman in her home who is paying Michael’s business rent and expenses for his Intech LLC business, located at 718 Lebo Blvd in Bremerton, while Michael is collecting social security disability, since 2014, and claiming to be “disabled”. Michael’s injuries to his feet, back and other body parts were acquired in October of 1998 when he was beating his pregnant wife and a neighbor called the Portland Police. Rather than surrender to the police, Michael attempted to escape by attempting to climb out the window to the fire escape. Instead, he fell and sustained life-threatening injuries. When Michael’s daughters told their mother that he was inappropriately touching them, and he was charged and sent to prison, rather than apologize to his daughters or family, Michael decided that pretending that he never had a family or children was better to preserve his image than to admit that his actions had broken up his family and hurt his children. Michael is known for hanging out in coffee shops with 20 year old women, women with young female children, and other vulnerable women, including the 77 year old woman he is living with, and the fact that he has physically abused a few women, including his former wife, his mother and his girl friend, in addition to molesting three of his children and his own sister between approximately 1986-2007 makes him a serial offender and criminal. Michael has never apologized nor shown any remorse to his victims- in fact he blamed them rather than be truthful and accountable for his actions. Michael is 50 years old, born in 1969, but presents himself as a younger guy who is interested in girls young enough to be his daughters or grand daughters. Michael’s children’s ages range from 29 to 16.

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