Kenneth Foley – Tacoma, Washington

I met this guy who I thought was awesome, he was perfect in the beginning, so sweet, so caring. He would call me and say”baby I miss you, love you” The true guy came out, he’s the biggest loser there is in Washington. He lies and hes very selfish also very lazy. I was going through a divorce and he wanted to get a place together so I decided to sell my house because he didnt want to be in the same house my exhusband and I shared so me being a total idiot put my house up for sale. I was waiting for the house to sell then we could get a place together because his credit was so bad he couldnt get a place for himself. I gave him $300.00 to hold so we can put a deposit on a place well, he gambled it away. I later found out he was seeing another girl behind my back and found out by looking through his emails, very interesting emails. That morning I confronted him and of course being a LIAR he denied it and said we would talk about this later. I decided I had enough of his lies and left him. Come to find out he moved in with the thing 3 days later with her 3 kids who has been on welfare forever.(what kind of mother would let a man move in after 3 days around her children). Three months later he married her(YES HE HAS ISSUES AND HE TOLD ME HE DID) So one day I called him and she answered and I said I wanted my money back and she said he told her that i paid him $300.00 for s*x. WHY WOULD I PAY MY B/F FOR S*X THAT WASNT THAT GOOD. (btw he likes his nipples sucked on like a little b***h when hes about to uummmm,) He told me he would never cheat because his wife ran away with his sisters husband, see not very good in bed. Well I got my money back and he would still call me saying he hated the b**ch and made a mistake by letting me go, OH WELL YOU F**KED UP AND THIS IS THE BEST PLACE FOR REVENGE. LOOK AT THAT PIC OF HIM SO PATHETIC.

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