Heidi Weick – Washington

This chick can’t stay faithful to anyone and she’s a major gold digger. Was in a six-year relationship and screwed him over to the tune of the cost of a Lexus. She screwed another guy over for a computer, a vacation, jewelry, and clothes. After she got what she wanted from him she went back to Lexus guy only to keep on cheating. She uses her job to pick up married guys to see what she can get from them. Seems to like trying to break up others’ relationships. Heidi Weick will sleep with anyone her own age (24) and it’s been said she has slept with guys old enough to be her dad. One of those old guys eventually fixed her up with his 25yo son. Test driving much? She has also copped to sleeping with her own first cousin! She has told several people this, right out of the horse’s mouth.

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