Dr. William Portuese — Seattle, Washington

This is the absolute truth about this so-called doctor, a butcher and a disgrace to the medical field and the community he supposedly serves. The purpose is to warn and protect innocent and unsuspecting people from a fate worse than death, permanent disfigurement. Look into his eyes and you will see he has no conscience. He is nothing more than a profit-driven business which uses people’s faces as if they were nothing more than a means to Dr. William Portuese’s bottom line and perverted sexual deviance with escorts and hookers. You get facial botchery and paralysis and he gets entertained by a hooker who likes to be called an escort. He is shielded by the Hippa Laws and is getting away with amateur face carving on real people, not pumpkins. He is greedy and self-serving, does botched up work and overcharges individuals and slams the insurance companies so hard that it’s hard to imagine he’s not working with someone inside the insurance company for kickbacks and other scandalous considerations. Anyone who knows anything about the business can see he’s using stock photographs from the internet and touching them up with photoshop, a photo rendering software which will make changes to any photograph. He was sleeping with a former employee who did a lot of his dirty work, paying her a little extra to keep her mouth shut and look the other way. She left and another former employee stepped forward and exposed this arrogant b*****d for the criminal he is, posing as a doctor. I personally know the first employee who left after she couldn’t endure his psychological abuse and criminal behavior and feared retribution if she spoke up about the unethical Dr. William Portuese, he clearly stated that she would be the one going to jail, not him, and she got scared and quit working for the scoundrel in Seattle, Washington. She said she had never met a more callous individual, a man who could look you in the eye and lie while smiling in your face. She said she thought he was evil, did haphazard and harmful and unnecessary surgery and made rude comments about the people he was working on when they were under anesthesia and under his knife. He would say things like, no surgery is going to make this ugly b***h look better and, who in the world would marry such an ugly person? He charges for procedures he doesn’t perform and his free consultations end up costing hundreds of dollars, even when no surgery is performed. I’m writing for my friend who felt she should step forward in support of the former employee who had more courage than she to step up and expose this pathetic excuse of a man who calls himself a dr. She says, may he rot in h**l for the terrible things he’s done to people’s faces for money, scaring them emotionally after butchering them physically, leaving them worse than when they entered his office. Be warned, he is evil, your face will be permanently altered and he will mock you while he has you under anesthesia and overcharge you and charge you for work he botched to pad your bill and charge more for correcting problems he creates. He should be reported and investigated for illegally billing insurance for butchery. DO NOT BELIEVE THE FAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS, they’re photoshopped, ask to speak with someone he’s already butchered, see his work with your own eyes. You will not believe what this butcher gets away with! It’s your face, do your homework or you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror. He’s had several death threats for scarring people beyond recognition and has private bodyguards walk him to his car. You have been warned, please do yourself a favor and speak with a real former client he cut up and disfigured, don’t go by a photoshopped picture off the internet. !!! SAVE YOURSELF, THIS DOCTOR WILL ABUSE YOU. !!!

Dr. William Portuese
1101 Madison St #1280
Seattle, WA, 98104 USA

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  1. Horrible the things this Doctor is alleged to have done. A person who mistreats others- rob them- uses them for their own benefit- exploits them etc- will get away with nothing. One day this Doctor will pay for what he has done. Maybe he already has. It’s a shame he made a mess of himself and his career. I must admit he is quite handsome. Those Blue eyes are “Magnetic”! I know looks are not everything but I can not help but notice he was blessed with “Good Looks”!

  2. How do scumbags like this get to stay in business, especially when they mutilate peoples faces? The judge should have to get a little work done and then judge this piece of s**t doctor while he reflects in the mirror on the sentencing.

  3. He’s got a pretty mouth and hopefully he’ll get to put it to work when he goes to prison for disfiguring his patients who trusted this creep to do good work.

  4. I wasn’t quite out from the anesthesia when I heard him and another doctor laughing at each others fart noises before surgery. I woke up and felt like I’d been beaten with a baseball bat and thought I must be having a nightmare when I remembered the juveniles laughing about farts. That wasn’t the half of it, after seeing the botched procedure on my face I broke down and nearly wanted to commit suicide. Legal action is pending but there are days I think I know what goes through a murderer’s mind before they snap. Look at the face of Dr. William Portuese, because he will be in the news for malpractice, shortly. Run before you have to scream and feel like you might snap and kill this b*****d.

  5. Doctors can’t get good until they butcher a few hundred for practice. Always go for one straight out of university, they’ve had lots of practice on monkeys and frogs.

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