DeAnna Lynn Raihl — Seattle, Washington

This former S**t from the Seattle SeaGals, This b***h will sleep with anything that walks and she will spread whatever nasty thing she has and she will swear to you that she is clean when in fact she is not clean at all, You sleep with her you could in up dying. She is the worst kind of sociopath I have ever seen. This birth will use you for your d**k and whatever else she can so she can give you the nasty stuff she has on the inside and the outside of her. Even we know will tell you this c**t is even a habitual liar and a lot of other things, Like being a w***e and a c**t and a druggie, A liar and cheater. So do yourself a smart favor and stay the h**l away from this sociopath please be safe. She is really unstable and some serious medication. You have been warned.

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  1. D**n, how did she get kicked out of the SeaGals? I thought they only got rid of winners. They’re keeping Pete Carroll because he’s a loser and he probably tried to have s*x with her, the wiener from a wiener.

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