Scott Smawley — Gloucester, Virginia

Why I let this person into my life I’ll never know… He was a friend of a friend, so I gave him a job. He worked out well for the first two months, so when he asked me to hire his girlfriend I didn’t have a problem with that. Soon, however, everything unraveled. It turns out he had been making unwanted advances on our female employees the entire time. He only wanted his gf to work there to make her and his female co-workers jealous, even though most of them wanted nothing to do with him. One did. He’d been having an affair with our (very young) receptionist since the first week. She’s the one who threw a fit on the showroom floor when the girlfriend was hired. I had to watch as two women attacked each other in front of a room full of customers. And Scott just sat there grinning and occasionally nudging his obviously uncomfortable male counterparts. When I let all three of them go, Smawley had the temerity to threaten a lawsuit for unlawful termination. Of course, nothing came of that. Either way, be smart and never date this man and never, EVER hire him!

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