Paula Sorrentino – Warrenton, Virginia

This woman cheats on her husband with random men she meets in bars when her husband is stationed over seas. She has been caught with other women’s husbands. She has lied to her husband making up stories and excuses so that he doesn’t believe she has done any wrong (just in case he gets wind of her activities). She has been caught with men known to have STD’s that no medicine can cure so it can only be assumed she has it now too. If you lay down with dogs then you wake up with fleas.

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  1. I bit Paula Sorrentino on the ankle and nothing happened. I pulled back a little and whoosh, I got a rush you cannot believe. It went straight to my head and I had to pull out quick. A dribble of blood trickled down her sleeping ankle and I moved just as she reached down to scratch the s**t out of herself just where I’d exited her skin. I’m a Virginia sand flea that hitched a ride to Warrenton, Virginia on Paulas’ sandal. I’ve bitten hundreds of people in my life and am strong and healthy, that’s why I don’t know why I feel as if I’m dying. I think she poisoned me with her blood! I think she’s toxic!

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