Mike Preusser — Richmond, Virginia

I have known this man for 6 years. I loved him with all my heart. He could not tell the truth to save his life. During this time, he cheated constantly on “chat lines”. When I would confront him, he would turn it around on me and my insecurities, and stated he only did it because he was bored, and would never meet anyone. What a joke. I took care of him when he was down (practically cut off his finger at work) for months, took him with me on vacations & footed the bill. I spent countless hours starting up a home business for him. Recently he told me he couldn’t talk to me anymore as he had a girlfriend and couldn’t talk to their exes anymore. News to me, I didn’t know I was an ex. Broke up with me over the phone when I called him, she was in the room listening and called me a “stupid b__tch”. I couldn’t believe that a friend and lover could hurt me this way. I never hurt him, and always put him first. I just recently found out I have a fatal disease, and told him, he could care less. What a jerk! He also admitted that he “made up something” to his girlfriend. He is nothing but a liar and doesn’t know how to tell the truth EVER! I will never care for a man this way again, I sacrificed my needs for his. Never again! I feel sorry for his girlfriend, she has no idea. He even cheated on his wife when they were married, leaving her at home while he went to Mardi Gras and told her he would be getting “bj’s” from other women and she should get over it. I should of known someone who could do that to someone they loved is a total loser and will never change. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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