Kyle Lalonde – still cheating

Kyle is still cheating. I just slept with him the past Sat. We worked out together at Mt. Trashmore. He is a compulsive liar. He said he is still with gf, but things are not good since I exposed him to her! Ladies, this man can eat some p***y like nobody business. He will make your whole body shiver. He loves it. Although, he is inexperienced in bed and can’t kiss. Tried to blame kissing on me, but he is the worst I’ve had when it comes to that. He wants his prostate massaged very bad – I was gonna do it till I found out he has a gf. He is still asking me to do it, tho. Also, he talks so stupid to women… he says “what HOLE you want it in” “want me to fill your HOLES” Who says that??? I writing this post in hopes he sees it and never contacts me again!!!!! He deserves to be exposed!!!!!

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