Ivan Arakaky 571-535-5810 from 9711 Biggers Rd. Burke VA 22015

To say that he is a con man is an insult to all con men. He is many steps above that.. He steal people’s identities including his father and brother, and opens up credit cards in their names. Then he tries to get you implicated in his schemes so that you can take the fall. He tries to pay you in checks, that do clear, however they are written on fraudulent accounts. Then tries to pin the fraud on you. Will try to steal your identity. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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  1. Ivan Arakaky is a con man. Beware! He has stolen many Id’s and uses many aliases to defraud banks, credit unions an numerous individuals.
    His last known address: 9711 Biggers Rd. Burke VA 22015 and phone number: 571-535-5810 are to help you in determining whether or not you are part of his latest scam. His most identifying feature is a crusty scab on his nose and he rubs it a lot.

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