Peter Huntoon – Middletown Springs, Vermont

Peter Huntoon is a liar and cheater. He can’t even write a cohesive paragraph yet his ego is so huge he makes his equally egotistical wife write a WEEKLY newsletter to promote his business. Whose life is so interesting that they have to write a weekly, not monthly newsletter, which would suffice? He cheated his whole life because he thinks he is “It” to women. His current wife is 9 years older than him, a mommy figure. They both are egotistical people in the art world. He has to list all of his testimonies because he is so insecure. If your good, your good. No need for several testimonials. He needs constant praise and admiration. He always balked at his Catholicism, now he’s writing about Lent and being inspiration to some people that I think is hilarious because he has everyone fooled. IF they knew the real Peter they would run away. What the f@@k? He is the biggest phony out there. Who the h**l does he think he is? He is a liar and cheater and will never change.

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