Kendal Daiger — Stowe, Vermont

On 4th other half. Suches as family men that have great revenues as well as are wed when she pursues them. Control as well as existing are strategies utilized. She is unconfident and also defined by valuable other half as a psychotic. Will certainly quit brief rate of interests to follow her targets rate of interests. Advertising as career, fits well in her deception. Phony flattery as well as excitement additionally drop in well with her zodiac as a gemini. She’s really insincere as well as need to not be relied on. 4x wed must be a warning, right! A residence can not be ravaged if it does not intend to be. She’s a master!

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  1. I hollered at her on the slopes of Stowe a few winters ago and she pretended she didn’t hear me, adjusted her wooly hat and kept chatting up this Swiss dude who was visiting friends. She knew me, we went to school together and I knew her second husband. I don’t know what number she’s on now, but I believe she always went for the guy with a tie, believing that looked like something she could wear.

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