James Erik Francel — Lehi, Utah

I started emailing with “James Erik” on eHarmony online. Even though he is in his mid-40’s James Erik uses his glamor shots from his 20’s to lure women online. I knew this was a red flag but we went out a few times, and of course he did not mention to me or any of the other women he is seeing that he is married. His REAL NAME is James Erik Francel. He is a wedding photographer in Lehi, UT. The only reason I know this is because our community is small and James Erik was the photographer at my girlfriend’s bridal party!!! He acted as if he didn’t even recognize me! After asking around it turns James Francel is married but “James Erik” has 3-4 girlfriends at a time. I doubt his wife has any idea, but I could be wrong. If you are attending a wedding or bridal event in the Utah area, you too can be propositioned to do a PRIVATE PHOTO SESSION with the hard drinking MORMON “professional photographer and adventurer” James Erik. My advice is pass.

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  1. James Erik Francel needs help. He stays drunk and leaves his wife (main one, anyway) at home with the kids. He tells people she’s cold if they know her, and always seems to come up with the money to drink more than what the bridal party provides, which is four or five drinks and a meal. He usually skips the meal or has just a few bites. He photo work is starting to look like its done by an amateur. Don’t book this guy for your wedding unless you want blurry memories of your special day to haunt you for your entire marriage.

  2. James is having a hard time getting his d**k hard, lately. The V****a helps but he is not attracting the young pretty girls, even with the photoshopped pictures and the ones that were taken 20-years ago. He is willing to cheat on his wife til his d**k won’t get hard with V****a. He’s even dropping hints that he’s willing to pay for some p***y. The old geezer still thinks he can cockle doodle do.

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