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Allyx Tebbs — Salt Lake City, Utah

Allyx Brooke Tebbs. Remember that name if you plan to be in the Salt Lake City area, this Ho travels but not too far, she’s pretty busy locally. She’s a prostitute who likes scamming and extorting her tricks better than actually putting her mouth on their c**k or letting them put fingers or toes or c***s in her holes. Cheaters are her favorite, they’re easier to extort money from after she gets their name and phone number and address. Pay the b***h, but use a fake name and if she stats with the tears and threats, call the police, she’s a known w***e and is on record for her criminality. She’s not that skilled, she might be a lesbian. She’s rather cold and is a spitter and thief, watch your wallet. Call the police if she starts getting loud, but not if you’re hung like a horse and you paid for a**l, tear that a*s up, she’s already got your money. Don’t fall for the threat of rape, she’s already tried that before, the police know about most of her scams.

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