Susan Gardener – London, England

Sleeping with married or not single guys she picks up from the street or pub, her words without even knowing their names and brings them to the house her son sleeps in. She got pregnant twice for Joel kirby, / Joel gayle, minimanjo he goe by all those names he will be posted also, as one is not fair without the other, who had several girlfriends at the time so also a nasty cheater, so between them they ** most of the girls In the local and surrounding areas. Be warned, stay clear or protect yourself from both of these nasty nasty inconsiderate lying people.

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  1. Susan has anger issues and uses dates to show her son how NOT to act as a man. This has been slowing down lately since she stopped going to pubs and she was seen smiling recently. There’s hope for her and her childrens’ future if she continues to stay out of the pubs and stops reading all these lies about her and, maybe, a sprinkling of truth, who knows…

  2. This is Susan Gardener when she first wakes up, before tea and scones. It’s widely believed that she could have been the next snooker champ in the UK and, maybe, all of Europe or beyond. She met some a*****e and they became drinking buddies. The pub he frequented didn’t have a snooker table and she started spending more and more time at his pub. She started throwing darts and soon had to start missing on purpose just to placate his competitive nature. It didn’t work out for them and one day she beat the pants off him at his own game before telling him to p**s off. She started playing snooker again, a few days a week, and I’m holding my breath, hoping her renewed interest continues. She is a natural.

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