Stephanie Howorth – Blackpool, London, UK

Do you know this slag? If you don’t your husband might because Stephy gets around the corner with lots of men, mostly married men. She gets them to leave the kids since she left her kids and wants to be a teenage trollop for another go around. If you know her ask your man to get tested for disese.

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  1. Stephy is not a slag who ever put this up on here are going to have bad karma infact steph is the opposite she lovely girl and gorgeous looking to just some people are jealous of her

    1. Omg this girl is a hottie hey can I have your number your gorgeous I wouldn’t mind dating you I’m a model my name daz I would spoil you rotten if you was my girl….gorgeous…

  2. This girl is f*****g gorgeous she a hotty and adorable has a loving heart I used to go out with her many years ago and she does not cheat intact it is the other way around she kinda goes for dickheads that cheat on her if I could get back with her I would

  3. Hey stephy give me your number I’m Lucas ur a stunning woman who ever put this on here about you need there head testing your really good looking I would like to get to know you I own my own companies big house swimming pool I’ll look after you oh h**l your amazing darling sexy

      1. Ha ha funny that why my blood test results are normal d**k head tommy one that takes in a*s he sucks his own c**k and as for David your a drug dealer watch ur bk and Yolanda s******g behind ya bk get facts right ha ha funnnny police going thru your door nobber she won’t have car for long drug runs

  4. Steph ain’t on drugs we seen her test results nothing in her blood and as for you tommy sucking James smiths c**k and Toby’s c**k your bisexual and David your a drug dealer now so I believe and Yolanda giving lifts in her car to fugitives on the run from the police that take drugs to

  5. Steph is a drunk and whizzed slag b***h who threatens little babies and shags for money. Filthy slag b***h, turns off excess phones and kills innocent animals she is a worthless c**t. Filthy b***h.

    1. The man who wrote this is filth n skan and a worthless piece of s**t I’m off out now so enjoy ur pathetic comments lot yous are sad and pathetic I deserve girls nite out we wat I been thru and I am I have new job had phone call and new apartment only thing need do now find that special man to share my life we I moved on so f*k off you lot of Yankee skanks

    1. Why u asking for my number who is this the only Dave b I know is budge u not meant be talking to me lol why are u asking if I’m single what makes u think that I’m single as matter fact was with tommy cataldi but he got someone else now so I need move on to

  6. I am we tommy I love him I’ll never stop loving him either so no one getting my number I’ll be changing it again anyhow this Saturday so whoever u are asking for my number p**s off

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