Louise Lippy Lulu White – Brighton United Kingdom

This dirty tramp is the biggest s***k you could meet.

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  1. Louise L.L. White is originally from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, once under British rule. They voted for their independence soon after prince Charles got with Camilla P Bowls. Louise helped turn a big chunk of farmland into a carrot farm with a gentleman from the States who likes to be called Buggz. The partnership flourished for a number of years until Louise started dabbling in voodoo with an apprentice priestess from nearby Haiti. Buggz said he was selling his share of the operation fearing retribution from the dark web of sorcery going on right there on the farm. His last words to Louise before he left the island were, “be careful.” If he could only see her now, he would be glad he sold out, that voodoo is 4-eyed stuff and not to be dabbled in w***y nilly. There are con-see-quences!

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