Katrina Louise — Glasglow, Scotland

As soon as his wife heads off to work, Katrina slips in to the still warm spot of the bed, next to her cheater who is waiting to give her his nasty c**k. He likes this drug addict, but watches her closely and refuses to fall asleep after s*x, she’s a known thief. She made it past his wife’s scrutiny because he told his wife Katrina was a lesbian and no threat. The movies on his computer show her with him, nothing but f*****g and sucking going on, nastier than anyone would ever believe, Katrina taking off his wife’s panties to present him with her nasty p***y. Lesbians cringe, she’s not one of them, she’s disgusting and needs to steal herself some underwear, not hop into used ones for a brief moment and then put them back, later. Everyone is at risk for catching something nasty from her brainless cheating ways. She’s too ugly to be a lesbian, that movie wouldn’t sell.

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