Melvin Mejia Highland Mills New York

This man is trouble. He will smile with his ‘Quiznos teeth’ (that’s what he called them not me- I never cared) and batt his big green eyes at you but is nothing but a pathological liar. He strung me along in a relationship for almost 2 years, claiming he had feelings for me. In the end, he threw me under the bus like a piece of trash which is exactly why I have snapped and put him on blast. He doesn’t deserve an ounce of my protection anymore!
I was a good girl to him for all that time, kept his secrets, and supported him like nobody else was supporting him! It was me he needed to support him! He said just hearing my voice comforted him. He ended up treated us like trash, and upsetting my son who adored him. I’ll never forgive him for any of that – because we did not deserve what he’s done. I showed him unconditional love and support and he showed me what a lying two faced coward he ended up being! A fraud of a man, when he knew I was hurt and had a real problem trusting men – he took advantage of that and said he would never hurt me (but he hurt ME MORE) and used me for what he could take, and to satisfy his sexual fantasies and to be his emotional support through all his many problems.

His little web of lies he had no issues lying to both me and his wife Andreina Mera / Mejia. He even developed a little system code that he used and I was not allowed to text after GN2 or before GM1 … he CLEARLY is well versed in this stuff and has done it before..
And there was me thinking he was special, and different and a deeper person than the shallow, deceitful coward he ended up being….. how could I of been so wrong?
I’ll never forgive this man as long as I live and I hope he knows that.
He should be ashamed of himself as a man. First he hurt his own mother, then the woman who gave him her everything when he was at his darkest. He hurt a boy who already had trauma, who cried over the fact Mel ended up another bad man in his life! We all knew the ‘I want to teach him how to ride, I want to take you guys hiking’ was bullshit. He just wanted to come to my home or the hotels and f*ck me and have me there on the end of the phone when he needed to vent about his miserable life!

Hey guess what, HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. You didn’t want to be blasted? You should of acted like a decent human being. I was good to you and you know it no matter what story you’ve told other people. I ended it, and you begged me not to…. don’t forget that. I would of never done this but you treated me like human waste. I’ll never forget the night in august 2020 you pretended to be sleeping in your car and calling me crying. Then immediately changing phone number. Ummm….. PATHOLOGICAL! Speechless! Speechless by that whole set of lies! Speechless, he makes my ex before seem like a saint!

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