Joseph Dell Atlanta Ga.

Stay away from this guy he’s got undisclosed STDs. He trolls dating sites for gullible ictims while married to someone who goes by Andrea Sneiderman Russell. If you Google these two losers you’ll find a wealth of information and many a warnings to stay away from this heinous individual.

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  1. Jo-Jo sticks his diseased d**k into any girl who hasn’t yet Googled his name and is dumb enough to fall for his sales pitch. His wife turns a blind eye to it all because she’s just as narcissistic and full of s**t as he is. Apparently it works for their relationship. The couple that cheat and swing together, stay together lol!

  2. This guy is a f*****g slime. I can confirm this Is true since I contracted genital herpes after being with him. Based on the reviews, I can’t be the only one he’s done this to!!

  3. Everything you hear or read about him is gospel truth. He’s the worst kind of individual because he hides behind slick and convincing charm, he’s nothing but an actor playing various characters. Soon he’ll run out of places to relocate and hide. He’s a complete phony.

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