Stephen Williams

A true Cheater and user and abuser; fanatic to no end. Abuses others to feel good about herself.

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  1. There he is in front of the motel, giving one thumb up for his assessment of the amenities and service provided for this unnamed motel.
    What can you say about Stephen? Much has already been saidd but he ignores and dismisses all haters. He dreams of starting a blog in which he comments on and rates budget motels. He has yet to give any of them two thumbs up!
    Time will tell, and he hasn’t even made it to vegas where rooms are oftentimes comped to high rollers.
    Go Stephen, just stop abusing and using and get with the program.

  2. Stephen Williams, pronounced Stephan, hails from Trinidad in the lower Caribbean. He drifted to the states as a teenager, first checking out Cuba and then Miami, FL. His accent is still there after nearly 30-years in North America. Women love him, men feel threatened by him. He’s very controlling by nature and many consider him to be both abusive and quite ready to use others for his own purposes. He makes bank, which no one really understands. They just know him from different hotels where he can often be seen sitting outside with a far away look in his eyes, maybe dreaming of his island home or stoned on ganga, which he sells to supplement a small string of whores he keeps on the streets and the high cost of living in a hotel, although he’s smart enough to pay by the week. His girls are not A-1 and barely make enough to buy his ganga. He smokes less and is starting to get more abusive with his b*****s. It’s just a matter of time before Stephen will be smoking large again and adding to his stable of mares.

  3. Be careful ladies and mans, he likes to put things up your b**t and is so cheap he begs for more when he can’t get off because he can’t get it up. He never tips and acts very strange and says it’s your fault his d**k doesn’t want to work. Time waster and cheap b*****d.

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