Yvette Gutierrez — San Antonio, Texas

This woman Yvette Gutierrez is one of the NASTIEST people in San Antonio! She thinks that EVERY guy wants her when they want to be rid of her! She has texted a close friend of mine some very nasty messages talking about her “fat *its & p***y” & how she knows he wants to f**k this “thick” body when she’s just FAT! Then when confronted by the wife she claimed it was her SISTER texting him at 5:30 in the morning when she was working and had her phone with her the entire time!

Then made the wife seem like she was a pyscho when in truth it was HER that wouldnt stop calling the wife KNOWING she got caught! Not only has she texted my friend that, knowing he has a wife & child who she also has my friends FAMILY AND WIFE on her fb account but she has also told my friends sister that their little 15 YEAR OLD brother is “daddy” & so “sexy” along with the younger brothers friend who she says she’d enjoy fu**ing him! She is CONSTANTLY cheating on her man & then BRAGS about it to her co workers but when confronted she cries & says “I’d never cheat”! Her husband raises HER daughters, bought a house for her & their children, works his a$$ off to pay the bills & provide for the kids while she cheats, sends inappropriate texts to married men, talks about having s*x or dreaming about messing around with 15-17 year olds! She’s 44 years old but acts as if she’s 15! She has lice, doesn’t wash her hands and she works with food, smells disgusting and likes to make family members of her “friends” fight with each other!! She works at the mission open air flea market in the cafe! Beware of this HOMEWRECKING good for nothing mother!!!!

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