Veronica Lara — San Antonio, Texas

so this chick…where to begin!? She’s a mother of 3 BUT she tries f***** her daughters friends! She always thinks everyone hates on her and acts like she better than everyone. She talks bad about her closes friends saying their all haters and low lifes! She has a boyfriend names Phil but little does he know she does not love him. She only uses him for his money and vacations he takes her on. She messes around with a bunch of guys. Nick and josh! She does not know how to stick to one guy that actually puts in effort to make her happy. She even tries turning Phil against his own kids!!! Saying she can’t stand them and that he has too much baggage. She also sends nudes to a close co workers husband and her co worker is pregnant!!!! This chick is awhile lot of mess and she gets away with too much and needs to exposed!!! She’s soo dirty that she always has UTI and I’m sure guys of all the guys she sleeps with! She always calls other woman “fat” when she used to be a big girl too. She goes to clubs and the wash tub and always comes back with random guys number and right away she thinks every guy is in love with her!! Lol! This chick is just a HATER herself!!!!

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