Veronica Lara — San Antonio, Texas

Let me start off by saying this chick is soooo fake!! She talks bad about all her “best friends” calling them haters,fake and low life’s. She has been with this guy Phil for over a year but f**s all these other guys named josh, nick and a few more guys and tells her boyfriend their just “friends” little does he know that one day when he showed up at her house late at night she had just got done having s*x with another guy in her home lying to him saying “my daughter was sick I didn’t want to leave her alone” bs!!! She goes out with her “girls” and gets random guys numbers. Her boyfriend does everything for her from taking her on vacations to buying her expensive things but yet she does s**t behind his back and be littles him. She even tries to turn him against his own kids! She always thinks everyone hates on her because she thinks she’s better than everyone. She forever talks s**t about her best friend June saying she’s a nobody and she free loads off everyone when she’s the one that gold digs off Phil. Shes so trashy she even sends her pregnant co workers HUSBAND nudes while he’s deployed in the military and he would send d*** pics as well.Me and this girl used to be real close until I found out she fuked my boyfriend!! She used to be plus sized and now she says without any remorse to every woman she thinks is thick she calls them fat and ugly.I’m just tired of her thinking her s*** don’t stink when in all she’s disgusting!! Don’t let her looks fool u!

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