Tausha Holland — Houston, Texas

Where should I start, Well here goes if you see Tausha Holland run for your life, please? This b***h is a Narsositic sociopath she has cheated on more men then I can count on both hands, She loves to f**k meth heads and losers just to party for a night what a peach. This b***h has done every drug you can think of, I am surprised she’s still alive. Her whole family has disowned her for a lot of different reasons. This b***h lost her kids and says it’s because she didn’t have an Attorney, But her poor mom got her an Attorney and she would fail to come to her court dates, The times she would show up and drop dirty every time what a role modal for her kids. She has taken her mom’s car to go find her men and she likes the nastiest men because that’s the only men that will have her. She has been arrested for everything in the books, assault, assault Peace officer, DWI, DWI possession etc, Sad thing is nothing is ever her fault. It’s time she faces up and accepts responsibility for her actions, She was f****d-up on drugs and driving with her child and that is the excuse she made but then p****d dirty. So she lost her child but nothing is ever her fault.

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