Swati Ray – Dallas, Texas

I met Katie (Max Macinytre) in a bar in lodge strip club and we hit it off. We exchange numbers after she provided exception service. We started seeing each other every alternate weekend when I was not travelling, as Max had a daughter. It was great being a couple. Everytime we met she would cry for money and I would pay her with condition she would return. She took away $25,000. She stopped callingb me. I recently learn’t she got arrested for bonining a guy at a wedding. I was happy and sad both. Happy as Karma comes back and sad coz she was my GF. She also dated Princess Rose.

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  1. Swati Ray lives and works her dirty deeds in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. She will travel for fun and profit. Whatever you want as long as you can afford it. She sends pictures for $10 each and the price goes up from there – panties, dirty socks, meet in person – for drinks, dinner, adult play etc.
    Hit her up if you have money to spare, she doesn’t care and will treat you right.

  2. I took this picture of Swati Ray. She asked me if she looked alright before going out to take a turn on the pole. She said she already had two private dances lined up after her set. I was working with her on some pole moves and she worked some moves on me. We dated for a short while but she’s not ready to be in a relationship yet. She cheated on me with a customer who she said was in love with her. I don’t think it lasted long.

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