Sergio Esparza — El Paso, Texas

I swear that would make a great movie! Shop that the script around for a well-known producer and make sure to get it in writing, you want an A-list star, no unknowns. You’ve written the opening sequence already…I can imagine a fade-away ending where your friend has an epiphany, Sergio saved him right back, spared him a lifetime of misery with a dirty rotten b***h who at least had the decency to go off, over the cliff unnoticed, thus freeing your friend to sulk for a minute, reflect and,then, step back up and open himself to the possibility of finding a good woman. And then, start dating…Almost everyone loves a happy ending, even if they can’t imagine the possibilty when they’re trying to see it through storm clouds. Tell your friend to start looking for it, the rain will clear his head.
Don’t forget, no unknowns, you need a known actor to pull the tears from the audience, word will get around and, I’m seriously thinking, Block-Buster! That trick is writing a different ending for herself, tragically, she might be a widow if the hero isn’t there to save the day the next time he binges on pepsi. You can’t save stupid from itself, no hero ever can.

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