Sarah Mullins — Houston, Texas

This sloot doesn’t know how to let someone go. She harassed my boyfriend and blew up his phone with calls and stalked us! She needs to realize I’m the one with him and she is old news. I got him now and he is more than happy with me. How about you leave us alone. He is taking me to Australia because he cares about me more than you. Please realize that and get out of his life. No amount of digging up my past can push him away from me. Bye, bye b***h.

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  1. Sarah used to be a lifguard and taught swimming to young kids. I flunked the fourth grade and had to take the basic swim class again. I don’t really like the water but she has a nice way of encouraging kids to relax. I could already dog paddle from the year before with a different instructor. I really liked the class and gotta a little better in the water.
    I can tell you this for sure, she never wore bikini like that or I might have drowned!

  2. Sarah is not the best swimmer herself,she floats as long as she keeps paddling but a soon as she stops, ploop, right to the bottom slowly but surely. You’ll notice the picture captures a hesitant moment on her part. She wants to cool down but has a slight fear of making the plunge. Most guys like that she stands around looking good and not actually jumping out of sight, even though they fantasize about her being wet.

  3. Sarah Mullins — Houston, Texas had to get this bikini in the thrift store. The last one they had due to the sudden heat wave. It kinda fits and all the boys comment and she doesn’t mind the comments, mostly oohs and ahhs. One or two unfriendly ones but she can’t be bothered in this heat and just wants to jump right in and cool off. The problem is the suit is a little revealing and she doesn’t trust the top at all, fearing she’ll look loose and ill-fitted when she comes up for air. She thinks she’s going to have to risk it all, she’s burning up.

  4. I don’t know why Sarah needs your man, unless he’s not “happily married.” If he’s out there in the mix, then Sarah looks like a fine catch for any red-blooded, h***y man. I’d push her in the water and then save her, give her mouth to mouth, chest compressions if necessary. Are we looking at the same picture?!

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