Sarah Abdel Wahab-O’Brien — Nashville, Tennessee

This nasty woman is a member of ANTIFA, and needs to be exposed for being the filthy, violent scumbag she is. Sarah Abdel-Wahab-Obrien was recently arrested this past spring for being a radical a*****e during a protest. She is a brainwashed, leftist, entitled douche who thinks the world owes her and will act out whenever she doesn’t get her way. Men, do not f**k this big bag of crazy! If she acts this terribly over something she knows little about, could you imagine how nuts she will be if you p**s her off, personally? She might chop your d**k off or set you on fire while you sleep! She looks scummy in her mugshot and more than likely does not shave her armpits or wash her sweaty p***y. You can do better than a temperamental, dirty w***e with crotch rot. If you see this c**t coming your way, RUN! She and her ANTIFA ilk need to be locked away, because they are a danger to the public. Keep away from this crazy b***h!

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