Rosita McGilvra – Houston, Texas

Dear Houston I feel the city needs to know about this floozy Rosita McGilvra, she moved to Houston 6 months ago from Austin Texas, she is a bottle girl at a few clubs downtown and she also does P4P on the side to make extra money. My boys were in town from Turkey visiting and she was servicing the table in VIP, they chatted it up with her and then she agreed to meet them after the club, they all hooked up and ever since she has been BEGGING for them to come see her again and to give her money to help with her rent and bills. If your in the Houston area watch out for this slore and watch your wallet… Word around the party scene is she may have DRD

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  1. This is only partially true. The boys told me they were from Istanbul and traveled here to help oversee the construction of the border wall, all having backgrounds in erecting poles and cement. They wanted to hire me as a consultant to oversee the erecting of their poles while they used their funny faces to make images in the concrete. Sort of a touch of the artless combined with border security. Their faces were always dusty, they rarely failed to wash up before coming to the club. They stopped showing up about two weeks ago and someone said they were deported to Turkey. It’s all very confusing. I can tell you this for sure, the last check they wrote me bounced, but the first two cleared. They were fun while they lasted, a few minutes at a time ; )

  2. Rosita gets her bills paid, never late, and lives quite nicely on part-time work slinging bottled drinks to clubbers in the VIP section. She assesses their financial position according to the amount they tip and pays close attention to the sexual innuendo that’s bantered among them. She’s patient and businesslike, never responding to the overtures, only smiling and little arm pats here and there to the better prospects, waiting to see if they return and how they respond to her remembering their name. Only the ones she sees as promising, does she bother to remember. They pay more for girlfriend experiences and she likes to make their “first date” be shopping for her, agreeing to let them tag along while she buys something expensive which she can return. She especially likes business type guys with credit cards who are just visiting the Houston area. If they have a business card to leave with her, she makes notes, and files them for be-back dates. She likes to tell them she’s only been with one guy her whole life, making herself seem desirable yet believable, worthy of their gifts. The practiced coyness lends itself to her game, she fantasizes about bigger and better gifts which she can return.

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