Refel, Ralph Rushing — Waxahachie, Texas

My story begins with the first date with Refel, Ralph Rushing when he told me how important ‘loyalty’ was in a relationship. Hindsight, I just didn’t realize he only meant ‘my’ loyalty. Refel Rushing, Ralph Rushing has a Shadow side that will devastate any woman that falls in love with him. I was one of those women. This man is a serial cheater and a serial liar. Ladies beware! My motivation for writing this is to alert women who think they will have a meaningful relationship with this man. You will be deceived. He did it to me and all the women in his past so covertly that it took me until the first huge RED FLAG to wake up and smell the testosterone. Shadow R Ranch is the name of his ranch in Italy, Texas has a double meaning. Ralph has a shadow side that he hides very well. He told me he was building me a cabin for me to live with him and do my art there. He lied and strung me along for whatever reason for three years claiming his faithfulness and love for me. I put my house on the market and sold it on his WORD of loyalty of our partnership. Fool that I was, I believed Refel Rushing when he asked me to live with him and be his partner. He even asked me in front of his counselor, Mary Ellen, Dallas, in her office as a witness. I believed him when he told me he was faithful and never cheated on me. Ha! Fool that I was, I believed him. The DAY I signed the contract on my house to sell it, Ralph, Refel Rushing vanished without a word. He is a coward and a liar who strung me along with false promises of a committed and loyal relationship. He was never faithful to me in our three year relationship. He lied constantly even over little things about what he is doing or where he going. The FIRST (of many) BIG RED FLAG was when he drunk-dialed me one night to ask if I got home okay. I had not been out with him. He had dialed my number intending to reach the woman who he had been out with and hit my number by mistake in a drunken stupor. Refel Rushing or Ralph Rushing, Waxahachie, Texas, is emotionally dead. He has no remorse for cheating and lying in a relationship. He texted other women while with me to make plans of being with ‘them’, lying to me about texting his financial advisor, who never texted. After three years in a relationship with Refel, after selling my house there was no goodbye phone call, no discussion. Like the coward that he is, he TEXED ME GOODBYE and simply said he reached an impass, like a block in a colon. Previous to the cold-hearted texted break-up, he took me to his counselor a few months before. Her name is Mary Ellen, Dallas. He paid her off to ask me particular questions. She lied to me when I confronted her that I had been set up by Ralph Rushing. He told her how to answer my questions and what to say to me. I thought the only time this man was true to me was when we were traveling. Wrong. He took me to his second home in Curlew, Washington and left me at the cabin. I was being kind, cleaning his floors to surprise him. Meanwhile, he was hooked up with the town ‘lady’ who is available to everyone. He left with his pocket full of condoms and came back to admire his clean floors. He sent me a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, he was having a woman spend the night with him at his home in Waxahachie. The next day, he took her to his health club to work out. There were other drunken incidents in one case he got his license revoked and I had to drive him around everywhere we went. He called at 4 am and asked that I pick him up because a cop was parked behind him and wouldn’t let him drive because he was too drunk. When I arrived, he fell onto the pavement drunk. He refused to tell me where he had been or what he had been doing. It was one lie after another with Refel, Ralph Rushing. If you are reading this and have fallen for this man – RUN!!! He will buy your love with fancy dinners, nice gifts, nice vacations – worldwide, pay for all expenses. But… if you want more than that – forget it. He does not have a heart and will break your heart if you fall in love with him. I suggest you use Refel for his money. That is all he is good for. I’ve never seen him shed a tear in three years over anything. Even the death of his 30 year old horse. Not one tear. The relationship will only be about Refel, or Ralph Rushing. Never you or your emotional needs will ever be addressed. As long he is adored by a women he is like a moth to a flame. He will abandon a woman who loves him without remorse, sorrow or regret and throw money at her to avoid a guilty conscious. He gave me a ‘bailout package’ which came Fed-Ex. This is his history as I know it and his ex-fiance has verified that he did the same to her as well. She is still emotional marred from his abuse. My purpose of this post is to advise women about Refel Rushing so others will not follow the path that I did and that his ex-fiance did and his ex-wives. He left his second wife by telling her he was going to get a coffee. He never returned. Never explained. Refel cheated on his first wife with the woman he married the second time for two years without her knowledge that Refel was even married! He cheated on his second wife. When she caught him, he abandoned her and went out for a coffee. He cheated on his fiancee with MANY women. When she found out and confronted him, he abandoned her because of his cowardliness of facing truth. Refel Rushing convinced me that his ex-fiancee was crazy and made up stories about her which were all lies. Of course I wanted to believe the man I loved. Like a FOOL, I did until I met her after it was too late for me. Refel is a coward and will never face or take responsibility for his actions of the horrible and dishonorable emotional abuse to women. He left me an emotional wreck and created havoc and has repeatedly done this to with woman after woman. I found Refel Rushing to be a habitual cheater and liar. He will lever be faithful to a woman, so if you are in love with him, don’t think it won’t happen to you. It will. If you are not the Stepford Girlfriend and adore and worship him always, no matter what – your out. He’ll run. He will lie without a blink with a cold hard face while he looks you in the eye. No guilt. No remorse. His legal name is Ralph Rushing, Waxahachie, Texas. He has Shadow R ranch in Italy, Texas. He has a second home in Curlew, Washington. He loves to brag and show off his possessions. He likes to say, “this is your horse”, or “I’ll build you a cabin to do your art”. This is his bait and lure. It’s only stuff. Don’t expect any generosity of the heart. You will never get it. His favorite hangouts to pick up women is Houston’s, Dallas. He also like The Ritz Carlton, Dallas. His favorite line if he doesn’t want to answer a question is that he is “processing” or that “he’ll get back to you on that.” Or, he will never answer you at all and sit quietly and sulk, or run to the restroom until the subject changes. If you are in love with the man, you will not believe me and I feel sorry for you. I believed in him against all the warnings and red flags and warnings from my friends. None of my friends liked the man and begged me to leave him. I call him The Man Who Walks in Lies. I learned the hard way from a broken heart and it is my wish that this post will find the poor woman who thinks that he loves her. Refel or Ralph Rushing is a man that emotionally abuses women, uses them, and discards without a single regret or remorse. The way he deals with the guilt is throw a big pile of money at her for a bailout. How much does a broken heart go for these days? It is worth it? Run ladies! The only regret Mr. Ralph ‘Refel’ Rushing will have is his name to show up on the internet. Then he will turn it around and blame the woman who posted it, call her crazy, and that she ruined his character. He will never take responsibility and realize that he is the one that earned his position to be posted as a cheater and a liar. If Refel Rushing is reading this, now he feels regret because of his true nature becoming a public warning to unsuspecting women. The relationship will only be about Refel, never the feelings of another woman. He gives not a single worry of how his lying and cheating as he pledges his loyalty effects and destroys another person’s life and emotionally damages the ability for a woman who put her trust and love with that man. His lies damaged me financially and his bailout did not come close to the financial loss I suffered selling my home in the worst possible market. His lies damaged me emotionally and I will continue with counseling until I get past trust issues. He will lie his way out of this when his friends ask what happened to me. He will say, I damaged his character by posting the truth to the net. He will leave out the part about any of his responsibility and simply say, “shes crazy.” “She was mean to me.” Those were the stories I heard from him about the other women who loved this man, Refel, Ralph Rushing. Of course, I am posting this with an alias. I never want my name associated with this abusive, deceitful person, Refel, Ralph, Ruem Rushing. When I discovered he was cheating with women for the whole three years we were together, not only was I heartbroken and devastated, but he never used safe s*x with me. His ex-fiancee said he didn’t use safe s*x with her. Men never realize how this violated this makes women feel. Not only do I feel violated sexually, but since he ‘bailed me out’ by throwing money at me to go away, it gave me the status of being his hooker. The videos below were taken in my backyard by his insistence. He demanded that I burn him a disc. He is posing like a Greek G*d in his speedo. G*d only knows the purpose of this. Narcissism comes to mind. The pictures were my creative property, therefore, I creatively put them to use. Enjoy. The way it stands now: Refel Rushing found my posting about the TRUTH on the net, and saw the videos. He ran to his lawyer to threaten me to cease and diciest. I had to hire a lawyer to defend myself. video: Video:

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