Monique Garda – San Antonio, Texas

This is Monique. She is a crime sugar baby so no big surprise as lots of chicks are payin their tuition with old men money on their backs. This one takes it one step further as she sells nudes of herself for $10! I have seen this out of tinder, sugar baby sites, even bumble! Women of all types selling nudes! What is going on with this new generation.

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  1. Writer why not upload the nude, entertain the troops and lend credibility to your story?
    If I don’t see nude up here soon, I think you a liar. Spend the ten dollars and show us your telling the truth! Do it man

  2. Monique passed another class, barely. She likes going to classes, they make her feel normal, if a little inadequate. She knows she can do better and always promises herself she going to really try a little harder. The problem is she works so much hustling the elderly to get the money to attend that she falls asleep while studying. She heard someone in class mention grants and she’s going to look into, tomorrow. Tonight, she’s got 2 dates and a meet-up and she knows she’s going to need more than a few drinks to pull all this off, they secretly disgust her and she despises work.

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