Monica Lucro Vazquez — Houston, Texas

This is a very important warning for all woman, You all need to keep a very close eye on your boyfriends and husbands, There is a very nasty hoe going around giving every man she meets DRDS and other very nasty things that no doctor can cure. This b***h gives away her p***y like it is a drive-through so f**k it at your own risk but you do you will get something that Ajax won’t cure. This girl is such a hoe that if you split the money with her she will even let you use her as a hoe and you can be her pimp. I can say this she is a pro at sucking d**k she can suck it so good it will be like a golf ball through a water hose. This c**t is young and wears old lady wigs like she’s old as h**l. You and Monica can think she is a pro at doing hair and sucking d**k but you could not be more wrong. Please listen to reason if you date or do anything with this woman you will be dead in 6 months please listen to reason.

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