Molly Allison Walters — Fort Worth, Texas

The mouth sores kept Molly from sharing joints with strangers and the camera didn’t find them flattering either. She says she got the drd’s from The Law Hawk, Bryan Wilson, who she snorted pepsi with and who took advantage of her after he got her so f****d up that she thought she was on a p***o shoot. He came over with his friend, Adam Wafford, a known user who offered to film them f*****g on the floor, he supplied the cocaine. She’s trying to put it all behind her and model again, but fears there may be a leaked tape that could hurt her chances. Adam is a creep who kept getting another drink while they were f*****g and she doesn’t trust him. And, Bryan is always looking for opportunities to keep himself in the spotlight. Although he never pays for anything, he likes to act like he’s the one in charge, he told Adam to put out the lines they tooted, one after the other, for hours.

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