Mike Fleenor — Arlington, Texas

this guy is a loser and predator online. He meets up with women and plays some kind of game with them. He is controlling manipulative and weird. He tries to act like he likes someone and comes off as sincere and genuine. He is really controlling nad will always pick a restaurant never let a female pick it or let her get her input. He’s a cocky loser who tries to act like he’s all that- really he’s another bitter misogynistic p***y who’s angry at women he pretends to like someone and keeps calling the person different as if somethings wrong with them. If you call him out of his BS he tries to get more controlling. meshes his belittling comments with sincerity so u believe his bs. He wants to know everything about you including skype, facetime, all kinds of nonsense and gets irritated if he doesn\’t have all the info. He also has no interest in sexually pleasing a woman and just wants to do what he wants to do. he’s in the military and works on a remote island. As long as he wants to use a woman he will do so until he’s done with her. he’s pathetic and disturbing. in the end some of the things he does are downright evil almost. narcissist and jerk beware. he travels so he’ll come to your city, try to use you how he wants to- be controlling, try to get something off you, take from you. just wants to use women if he can or take from them he’s fake selfish a jerk. Just looking to use women and abuse them if he can. Acts like he’s a prize to be won and some kind of catch. Another hypocrite double standard loser and control freak and probably gay since he has no interest in sexually pleasing women. Loser steer clear

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