Michael Jager — Converse, Texas

His name is Michael, but he goes by Shaggy. He cheated on my use to be friend, but I was stupid enough to go out with him. Right away he said he loved me. He liked to bite and burn me, I figured he was just kinky but he actually wanted to hurt me. Then he gets back with her (my old friend) and they rub it in.. But the thing is, me and him were still together. I went to the mental hospital saying I burnt myself so he wouldn’t get in trouble, he said he loved me and would wait for me. But when I got out, he was already making plans with her to have kids and stuff like he did with me… He is a liar and a user… We had s*x, it’s my fault but he even wanted to get me pregnant. I am so glad I didn’t, don’t fall for him.

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