Megan Zavala — Austin, Texas

You are a really f****d up individual, you are low as a person and I believe that you deserve to rot in prison. You not only cheated but you also stole my money like that’s a fraud you wrote my name on checks and everything and stole my hard earned money. Your not the woman I fell in love with anymore. Your true self now and that’s not who I fell in love with I didn’t fall in love with a liar and a cheater I fell in love with the woman who took care of me when I was sick. She kissed my forehead and my hands and made me feel special not a woman who takes a man over me by cheating and not claiming me.

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  1. Megan don’t care about nobody but herself. She write bad checks and spend it all on her. That’s the way it is with cheating whores, lie, steal and write out the checks to cash and spend on themselves. They weren’t even her checks.

  2. You all hatin on Megan just because she got toothy with it. She’s not a trained professional, her mother wasn’t a w***e and she’s figuring this stuff out on her own. So a tooth caught your skin, snagged you a little, she finished with a swallow and you didn’t complain until you had to pay.

  3. Megan cashed the check and forgot that it was supposed to be for the care of someone else, she took care of herself and is now a felon on the loose. If she does any work for you be sure to make sure you don’t have a check or two missing and money missing from your account. She’s scandalous!

  4. Megan always had sad stories about how her man had cheated on her and left her in a pinch. She borrowed money several times and even asked if she could earn some money, meaning selling her p***y for cash. If you are nice to her she thinks you’re weak and will try and take advantage of you. Avoid this lying w***e.

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