Lainie Fritz — Houston, Texas

I met this so called discovery Lainie fritz and let me tell you her photos must be photoshopped, first, she has a boxlike figure, no b*****s, and is whiter than snow like pastry white. Without the ton of makeup she has a average face! If it was not for her eyes she would have no redeeming qualities. Why do you think all her posts are only of her with no man and no relationship. No one wants to date her at 28 because she is basic and has a bad personality. Stop posting just yourself to get a compliment due to your low self esteem.the only one that reply are old and socially inept men.

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  1. Lainie Fritz made her ex mad when she stopped returning his mean email. She started taking pictures of herself with the help of her girlfriends and she’s had texts from 3 hot guys, one lesbian and two old guys who thought she was older than 38. She’s going to be getting a call from one of the guys to break the ice but not the cutest. She’s still waiting but loves the feel of butterflies in her tummy again, such a hopeless romantic!

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