Kaylei Oliver – Dallas, Texas

Can someone tell her that it’s illegal af to be doing this? Kaylei, you should really think twice about who’s information you leak out because like this post it will come to bye you in the b**t. You gave out my information, so let me do the same to you….

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  1. It illegal to look so hot and not share with others. Whenever Kaylei Oliver gets stoned she likes to shed some clothes and practice her selfie poses. She likes to share her body on Instagram and Snapchat. Anyone who shows interest is invited to go private where she tries to sell other pictures and make dates where everyone can benefit. This side-hustle keeps he busy and she’s starting to get repeat customers.

  2. Kaylei Oliver, it’s illegal as f**k to be doing this, taking selfies for all those married men to see, shedding your clothes to look irresistible, posing just so in that come f**k me pose, p*****g off all those dried up wives who thought they had their man under control, shaking up the foundations of marriage and breaking up families, and then charging him $200 for the experience, it’s called bait and switch, they take the bait and you switch it up, d**n girl _-_

  3. She send that pic to everbody on her FB friend list. I got it twice last week and asked her friend (we work together) what was going on. She say Kaylei dumped or got dumped again and was looking for a new arm to be seen on, she crave attention. I hope she find arm quick, my girlfriend don;t need to see pictures of her almost topless.

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