Kathy Andrews — San Antonio, Texas

The word in s a that this girl is dating a bunch of high profile guys and destroying families! She needs to be exposed for all the divorces she is causing!

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  1. Kathy has an innocent face and natural poise, assets that others can never realize. It’s a shame she has to hear about this through her exposure on this site. However, she’s young and who knows what her future will be like –

  2. Kathy dates only dreamers. She has a job to do and she does it well. Her experience lies in getting them to pay her and then disappear, quickly. She doesn’t lie to them or say she’s looking for a long-term relationship, what they believe when she giggles or is coy in her response is their own hopefulness. She leases a new car every other year and has a great credit score. She can’t miss those payments. She’s good at math. Business is business, after work, she plays with who she wants to play with, usually on-line.

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