Kari Dianne Carter – Amarillo, Texas

I admit I’m a pig. I’m a typical man who loves beautiful easy women. I’m not looking for love, I look for easy s*x. And this woman, Kari Carter, was very easy. Usually, a guy has to put in some effort but not with Kari. She gave me a sob story about how her baby daddy neglected her and hit her and their son. Truth be told, I could care less, this girl looks like the type who enjoys being slapped around. But of course, I acted like her new hero and bam! I was in. Literally. If***** this girl with no condom in my truck, she gave me road head the rest of the way back to my place. It was the kind of head that I had to guide her, as she cut my c*** up and down with her teeth. The girl could barely fit 4 inches in that small mouth. But I let her keep sucking so u didn’t have to listen to her whiney a**. My d*** actually took one for the team. When I got her home I instantly regret my decision. After she showed me 50 pictures of her son and his terrible shaved head she continued to try and impress me with pathetic stories about her exes and how the state of Texas is jealous of her ever so perfect self. The only way to shut this girl up was to rip her jeans off and shove my c*** in her. Another regret. Not only was my room full of tuna smell but she was instantly screaming. I’ve never heard such fake moans in my 35 years of cheap women. I wasn’t impressed by her “skills”. For being so young, and screaming how my c*** was the biggest she’s ever had, this girl was pretty loose. She’s also what I and my friends call “turkey p****”, you know the kind where the lips hang low?? She is saved in my phone as Dumbo. It took me a half hour to nut in this girl because she was so disgusting.

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